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Line Stripping


parking lot maintenance
parking lot maintenance



   Line Drive offers complete layout and line striping services using the highest quality commercial equipment and paint available to ensure crisp clean lines every time. 

Layout and Painting of Parking Areas

 Newly Paved & Re-striping

Arrows, Numbers, Handicap, Bus Parking, Personalized Parking Spaces, etc.

Stop Bars, Crosswalks, Cross-Hatching, Speed Bumps, Curbs, Fire Lanes, etc.    

Traffic sign Installation

Extend the life of your driveway with Industrial Strength Sealer

Restore that “Black as Night” original look

  • Prevent Oxidation

Block out the damaging effects of the sun and ultraviolet rays

  • Spill Damage

Keep gasoline, oil, fuel leaks and spills from penetrating the surface

  • Weatherproof

Protect against the number one pavement destroying force: water

  • Maintenance

Protect against the elements that cause cracks and potholesWhen water enters cracks in your blacktop, asphalt driveway or parking lot, it works its way down to the base below, reducing the base's compressive strength. This can cause depressions to form and eventually potholes.

Also Sealcoating protects the asphalt driveway from damage caused by the sun's rays. We use a coal tar emulsion sealer, it will protect the driveway from surface unraveling caused by oil drips or gasoline

Signs range in different  shapes and sizes and are composed of aluminum with a reflective surface. Signs  are utilized to assign parking and direct traffic to help achieve a safer and  more organized parking lot. Proper signs also allow property owners and property  managers to enforce parking, fire lane, and private property related  codes.  Signs are classified by the following categories:   construction area, regulatory, warning, and guide signs.  ​
 LINE DRIVE, LLC furnishes  and installs signs mounted on a variety of posts or we can mount signs to  existing buildings.